Friday, February 8, 2013

Valentine's dance!

The girls had their first school dance. It was so sweet. They had a dj and played good music. The gym was all decorated and they had glow sticks and snacks and a coloring table with stickers. The girls were SO excited about it. They've been playing it up at school over the past couple weeks so today they could hardly think of anything else.

Royce took a half day and we went out for dinner first at Big Bowl. The girls picked out their own outfits :) We had a fun night, Rasa warmed up enough at the end to shake her booty and Adia was really into it. A cute little boy ran up to Rasa when she was on the dance floor and tried to grab her hands and dance with her. She gave him an "ewww" look and he ran away. Poor, poor little man!

I love our school! They really do a lot of neat stuff around Richfield/Bloomington to give families free and inexpensive fun.

The girls right before we left for the dance :)

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