Monday, January 6, 2014

This is 5

Five seems SO huge! I don't know why. They're only in preschool, they still spend more of their time with me than with anyone but something about five is just big. Maybe it's the anticipation for this year and all of the HUGE changes in store for them.

The girls birthday was on Thursday and my parents decided to take them out as their birthday present. They picked them up and brought them to Mall of America. The girls got to pick out an outfit from the disney store, go on rides at Nick Universe and have lunch at Rainforest Cafe! LUCKY GIRLS!!

We had a birthday party for the girls with their friends at Rainbow in Bloomington. It's a huge indoor playground where the kids just get to run and play. Their friends that were there were: Amelia, Abbi, Devan, Soren, Gabby and Isaac, Olivia and Owen, Adam and Andrew and Nova. They had a great time! Sadly, I decided to just enjoy the party and not take pictures and Royce's point and shoot camera malfunctioned so we didn't get one single picture that turned out! We did get a short video clip at least…lesson learned!
Royce's vocals to Happy Birthday overshadow everyone else's ;) Click HERE for video.

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