Monday, January 6, 2014

5 year old questionnaire

I do this every year, ask the same questions and it's been fun to see the changes over the years!
Third birthday answers can be found here:
Fourth birthday answers can be found here:

what is your favorite food?
Rasa: "apples"
Adia: "peas" (she NEVER eats peas)

what is your favorite toy?
Rasa: "Violet, my cutest baby"
Adia: "baby lion" (NEVER plays with this toy…Rasa sleeps with it)

what is your thing to wear?
Rasa: "my belle dress"
Adia: "a t-shirt"

who is your favorite person in the whole wide world?
Rasa: "Momma"
Adia: "Abbi"

What is your favorite thing to play?
Rasa: "Go down the slides in spring"
Adia: "anything with Abbi"

can you tell me your favorite song?
Rasa: "poppin tags"
Adia: "Rhianna"

Where is your favorite place to eat?
Rasa: "Rainforest Cafe"
Adia: "Cupcake Cafe"

Who is your best friend?
Rasa: "Nova"
Adia: "Abbi"

What is your favorite part about you?
Rasa: "my heart"
Adia: "I'm going to say that I'm little again"

Whats your favorite movie
Rasa: "My Neighbor Totoro"
Adia: "Finding Nemo"

What's your favorite color?
Rasa: "pink"
Adia: "pink"

Do you know what love is?
Rasa: it means you love somebody
Adia: "it means you love a friend"

What is your favorite thing about having your 5th birthday?
Rasa: "my birthday party with Nova"
Adia: "playing with Abbi"

What is your favorite thing to do at school?
Rasa: "tough one. it is circle time?"
Adia: "play with Abbi and do you know sometimes we play in the loft and I be the baby and Abbi be's the mom and guess what we made the cushions a crib…in the loft"

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Royce said...

Love these!! Gotta be honest, Bea you broke daddy's heart.