Monday, January 2, 2012

3 year old questionnaire

A friend of mine asks her daughter the same questionnaire on her birthday and I loved the idea so much I had to adopt it!

Each question was asked with the girls separately so they wouldn't just repeat what the other had said.

what is your favorite food?
Rasa: "I sleep by myself in my bed"
Adia: "pickles and fruit"

what is your favorite toy?
Rasa: "strawberry shortcakes"
Adia: "a rhino and a monkey" (neither of which she has)

what is your thing to wear?
Rasa: "strawberry shortcake shirt"
Adia: "a pink dress that fits me. A pink princess dress!"

who is your favorite person in the whole wide world?
Rasa: "Hello Kitty"
Adia: "Ahhh not anybody"

What is your favorite thing to play?
Rasa: "to help you cook, mama"
Adia: "I like to cook in my kitchen and eat some pickles too"

can you tell me your favorite song?
Rasa: "I like Twinkle Twinkle"
Adia: "a princess song is my favorite"

Where is your favorite place to eat?
Rasa: "Pizza Luce! We can't go to Luce without my pappa!"
Adia: "Pizza Luce!"

Who is your best friend?
Rasa: "Daddy"
Adia: "Pappa"
(Um what the?!)

What is your favorite part about you?
Rasa: "my nose"
Adia: "I like to wear diapers"

Whats your favorite movie
Rasa: "Baby Signing Time"
Adia: "Panda movie" (Kung Foo Panda)

What's your favorite color?
Rasa: "Pink"
Adia: "Pink!"

Do you know what love is?
Rasa: no answer, just a smile as she gave me a big hug
Adia: "huggin and kisses"

What is your favorite thing about having your 3rd birthday?
Rasa: "My strawberry shortcake party!"
Adia: "A strawberry shortcake birthday!"


Royce said...

=) !!!!!! ;)

rachel said...

What a great idea!
Cant wait for next year:)

St. Francis, MN said...

Great idea! Their answers were perfect! :)