Monday, January 2, 2012

The sweet strawberry 3rd birthday!

I stayed up late after Royce and the girls went to bed last night and made pom-poms out of tissue paper and decorated. Even with the cake the cost was less than $50 and that included gift buckets filled with goodies (thanks to $1 bins at Target and after Christmas specials on party supplies! Benefit of having strawberry - green and red!).

This morning after the girls woke up we made them banana pancakes and shaped them into number 3's. Topped with whipped cream they were taaaaasty! The girls each opened a present from Royce and I that were a couple "cool" new outfits.

We piled in the car after breakfast and drove to Bylery's to pick up their special cake. It was the only bakery in town that offered a Strawberry Shortcake cake and since that was the only thing the girls asked for we went for it.
Adia pulled the cake off the counter about a half hour after we got home but luckily it landed flat, still in the box with minimal damage. Gotta watch that one every second!

We had lunch and the girls took naps. When they woke up Nana and Papa were here and we opened more presents, celebrated and ate cake.

Jill and Taylor came over after my parents left and brought the girls some sweet gifts and had some cake.

We had a really fun day. Most importantly the girls felt really special, as they should on their birthday!

We are so thankful for Nana, Papa, Skip, Jill, Karley, Patrick, Gabby & Isaac, Chris, Lee and the twins for the sweet cards and gifts. Thank you so much, they are treasured.

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Royce said...

One of the best days ever! Thank you for all your hardwork momma! We survived 3 years! They flew by! Adia and Rasa are the best gift I could have ever dreamed of. Thank you Lissa! I love you three so very much!