Wednesday, January 25, 2012

the things they say...

When we picked up the girls from my parents after an evening out Royce asked Rasa if she had fun to which she replied, "I had fun because my papa came and picked me up" I said, well I came too and she said, "yes but my Papa came back for me!"
Clearly a daddy's girl!

Royce asked Adia if she missed him and she replied, "NO! I missed Momma!"
YES! One point for the momma ;)

Yesterday Rasa was hanging over the loft railing with a thermometer in her hand yelling, "Momma! Momma! Can we stick this in Adia's butt right now?!"

Rasa was dancing naked in front of the mirror. She turns around and shakes her booty at me while saying, "I have a big butt!". I said, "no you sure don't have a big butt!" and she turns around points to her front side and says, "Yes I do! This is my little butt and (while turning back around pointing to her back side) this is my big butt!"

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Royce said...

Glad this diddy made it to the blog! Too cute.