Friday, January 13, 2012

Oh Adia you are so you.....

"Adia let Momma take a picture of your curly afro! It rocks!"
"I'll give you a treat :)"
"Umm OK"

First pic:

Hmmm, adorable but that's not really Adia. She looks sweet and quiet and innocent.

Oh what was I thinking.....I have a one picture maximum before she goes back to being herself.

Yep that's my kid.

Here's some good middle ground. Love her sweet cherub face and chubby cheeks.

I should add that this is Adia's hair natural. Aside from washing it today (no shampoo, conditioner only) it's wild and crazy just like my girl!

1 comment:

Royce said...

Adia the Menace!!! She's out little tazmanian devil!