Monday, January 9, 2012

3 year stats

The girls had their three year well check today. They are growing like weeds! Our clinic is all the way across the metro and it ends up being practically an all day thing. The love their pediatrician and that makes a huge difference! He's the same one they've seen since they were 9 months old and we adore him. After about an hour and a half Adia starts to shut down and go bonkers. Note to self she needs to be first next time. By the time her turn rolled around she was wild and wouldn't take direction or participate in her check up.......she wanted to crawl around on the floor, stick her tongue out and act "special".
Rasa was great, followed directions and acted like the intelligent little girl she is!

Height 38 inches 75% (2 inches taller than her two year visit)
Weight 32.5lbs 75% (5.5lbs heavier than her two year visit)

Height 36.75 50% (2 3/4 inches taller than her two her visit)
Weight 31lbs 50% (6lbs heavier than her two year visit)

Rasa looks 3 inches taller than Adia, I swear! They've been about an inch apart since they were 18 months. Their weight is always within a pound or two even though Rasa feels so much heavier!

All in all a great visit. No issues, everything is great. The plan for their asthma is to try and get them off of the daily inhalers in the spring and summer and back on each fall and winter as cold season comes around. They've been great with their asthma for several months now but we won't know for sure until the first viral cold sneaks in.

Rasa was referred to a sleep specialist at Children's for her night time issues so I'll be scheduling soon and crossing our fingers we all may sleep at some point in the near future (YAY!). After three years of disrupted sleep I'm convinced I'm crazy and Royce is following behind me :)

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Royce said...

Amazing gifts our girls are! 3 years have gone by in a blink. I can't believe my eyes when I see you holding one of them now! They are little girls!!! The most beautiful little girls in the world. Each day with them is such a gift.