Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Random ramblings you should only read if you are seriously bored out of your mind......

Above are my little wooden toy making supplies that I refuse to pack up until the day we move out of here. I can't put it away because I'm too afraid I'll need it....and I probably would.

Creating art with 3 year olds is a little easier than creating art with 2 year olds but it's still a disaster mess. I hate that I feel that way but truth be told every time the girls pull out the art bins they want to either glue or paint and both end up in a sticky disaster! Sure we have markers, crayons, color pencils, and a whole bin of non-disaster making materials but they want to paint, almost every day.

Today, like most days, I let it go, let them pour their own paints (3 year olds must do EVERYTHING themselves!) and let them have at it. It took me an hour to clean up but it was a good reminder watching them create what a magic process art is. Kids need to get their hands in it, feel it, smell it, squeeze it and experiment. They do it with such joy and energy!

I should understand this more than most. I NEED to create nearly everyday and usually every night after the girls are in bed I'm in my own art bin (or camera bag and editing software). It's relaxing for me, exciting and therapeutic. I need art like I need food. I always have. I find it in many ways; baking, painting, photography, sewing, toy making.

I need a shift in my priorities to make a space and time for the girls to have the opportunity to do this more. Maybe for them a few times a week isn't enough. They need a place where the mess doesn't matter (a tarp on the floor?), their supplies are accessible and they are free to do what they need to do......

Rasa has been begging me to let her sew. I seriously think sewing is above her ability level so I'm trying to think of a project she can "help" me with. She wants to do another set of ABC's but I'm thinking maybe a set of RASA pillows or something she can stuff filling into and help me that way.

Adia has no interest in watching me sew. She likes to play with the pins because the colored balls on the tops enamor her. She also loves my vintage buttons but she throws them around along with the pins when she gets bored. I remember when I was little my Mom would sew a lot and I would sit in her sewing room and while Chrissy always wanted to sew I was happy playing with the pins and tomato shaped pin cushion :)

I'm struggling with staying fresh on the home based mom job thing. Spring, summer and fall are so easy. We spend most of the day outside in the water or exploring and the girls are happy and worn out at the end of the day. Winter is brutal. I'm tired, burnt out and don't like the cold and while I make myself take them out when it's not bitter cold, I'm not happy out there!

Tomorrow is a new day! We have book club with the cousins and the zoo. It will be a nice refresher to an otherwise rhymic week.

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