Thursday, January 26, 2012

my love of color

I can't stop making these little wooden people. I love the bright colors, the shiny shellac and how natural they feel to hold in your hands. They are totally non-toxic all the way down to the glue that holds the heads on and I love that too. Last night I was painting them while Royce I were talking after the girls were asleep. He was probably slightly annoyed (although hid it well) because every time I'd do a new little head I've make him look at how adorable it was. The girls have twenty or so of these little folks and they love them. I need to start gifting them again before my house is taken over by wooden dolls! The little boy and the Dad I've promise to a friend. I just need to whip up a super funky Momma to complete their family :)

We had a great time at the little's book club this morning with the cousins. We're going to put off the zoo for another day (tomorrow maybe?) and the girls are heading over to Nana's when they wake from naps so I can get some shopping done. Being sick the later part of the weekend put a crimp in my grocery shopping/meal planning.

The sun is shining bright today and ice is melting into puddles. What a beautiful day!

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Royce said...

You're quite the gem my lady! ;)