Monday, January 23, 2012

weekend wrap....

I just realized I still have a live Christmas tree up in my living room. How bad is that? I took off the decorations the day after Christmas and it just sort of blends in. Hmmm can't believe I forgot about it. Should probably remove it from the house, or burn it in a bonfire or something!

Anyway, Momma and Pappa got to go out on the town last night! It was actually a belated birthday celebration, I'm not at all picky about when it just needs to happen! We don't get out, the two of us, more than a couple times a year so it's always SO much fun and SO special. I love that guy! He's fun and sweet and it's great to be the two of us, separate from the four of us. We had dinner at Bulldog in Northeast Minneapolis and then stopped off at Keegan's for a beer. We picked up cupcakes for Nana and Poppa and the girls and even had enough time to swing into the grocery store and pick up a few things for the week (yes we're
old....we grocery shop on date night).

Thanks to my parents for babysitting!

We had a fun Saturday morning. Our neighbors came over for a photo session and I really enjoyed it. I LOVE taking pictures of people I know and love and they are a super cute, super sweet little family. Rasa was my "helper" except instead of helping me out she was trying to snuggle with me while I was taking pics.

We spend a good portion of the rest of our day in Richfield, at the new house and out to lunch. The girls are pretty excited! They loved checking the place out and exploring. Their bedroom has two windows that face the backyard. There's a big tree right out the window that doesn't have any leaves on it now but I imagine in the summer it will be full and green. I used to have a tree outside my window when I was little and I loved looking out and dreaming about climbing way up to the top of it. Royce and I are really excited. We can see ourselves and our things in this house. We can imagine our routine and our little girls running up and down the hallway with the old wood floors creaking underneath them. It's a super sweet little place that's about to be filled up with magic that small children bring into every room.

Happy Monday! Time to get to work!

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Royce said...

Such a great time! Very special and grateful! Love you Lissa!