Monday, January 30, 2012

favorite things....

The girls pick out their own clothes every day and pretty much refuse to wear anything that I set out for them. I've had to do some major thinning of their wardrobe so at least what they do pick has already been pre-approved by me (Mom = 1) of course the combinations they choose leave something to be desired but yourself in whatever means you have, right.

Adia is predictable. She always picks pink. If the entire outfit isn't pink it's mostly pink. She puts her clothes on and almost every day after she's dressed declares her love of pink, "I looooooove PINK!"

I hate pink. Go figure (Mom = 1 Girls = 1)

Rasa has this (*!&^$@&) puppy shirt that she has a deep love for. She cries when I have to wash it and will ask repeatedly while it's in the wash if it's dry yet. I usually wash and dry it at night and leave it out for her on the couch because when she wakes up if it's not ready for her she will wake us up by crying, screaming and or whining "WHERE IS MY PUPPY SHIRT?!!!" She must wear her puppy shirt every single day at least once, or twice a day. When we persuade her to try a different shirt she will, but minutes or hours later will resort back to that ugly puppy. It doesn't match anything that she has. It's got a huge poodle on it (I also hate poodles). I don't get it. I hope it gets lost in the move.....too bad I fear for our lives if it does. She will never let it go!
Here it is worn with pride....ugh

Royce and I have developed a deep hatred of the puppy shirt as it has robbed us of many peaceful mornings. I'm not blaming anyone, even though technically my Mom bought her the shirt.....and Rasa knows every time I tell her no she can't wear the puppy shirt she cries, "but Nanna bought this for me!!" Clearly that overrides anything I have (Mom = 1 Girls = 2). I lose.

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Gramma Carol said...

LOL!!! I should say, 'sorry,' but I think that is so sweet she gives Nana credit. So 1 vote for the puppy shirt!!!