Saturday, January 14, 2012

Cuz that's how we roll...

I hope I'm not boring everyone TO DEATH by my constant mention of packing and moving but since it's filling up all of our time I can't help it! It certainly wont be our last move by far so maybe I'll even find myself reading about it later on and learning from this move.

Royce and I devised a plan this week on what needed to get done today and we decided today was going to be the weekend we got rid of every single thing we won't be moving with us. Some is going in a landfill, some again to Good Will, some on Craigslist. I'm happy we now have every drawer and cabinet in the house emptied and we have half of the closets finished! Only three more to go!

The girls were literally driving me crazy this morning by getting into everything and then demanding one of us entertain them all morning (I NEED paper....I NEED paper....I NEED PAPER RIGHT NOW! I wanna color...I wanna color I wanna color I WANNA COLOR, I don't like these pants, I wanna wear these pants...I need my doggie shirt! WHERE IS MY DOGGIE SHIRT!! Momma what are u doing? What is this? What does this go to? I want it! I want that! I need this! I'm I don't wanna eat that! I'm not hungry!.....catch my drift?).

I finally set up a stack of big boxes and said, "here ya go, this looks like a puppy house if ever there was one". They played with the boxes for an hour easily non stop and Royce and I were able plug away.

(PS Mom and Dad....please rest up in Mexico this week because I need to put you to work on babysitting duty when you get home :) :)

We needed to get out of the house and have lunch so we ended up at Chipotle. Highlight of my day for many reasons; first because Royce generally doesn't like their food so we hardly ever eat there, second because I LOVE IT and the girls eat it up and most importantly because my girls know how to have fun in public without being annoying, loud or rude.

We sat in the back and the music was blasting. Adia was quick to stand up and dance (that girl can dance!). Rasa and I joined in (semi descretely so as to not make a scene) and we all laughed and grooved. We have so much fun together doing the simplist things. Even on a day where we are knee deep in boxes, and dust and chaos it was fun to carve out a little bit of time to just be and have fun......cuz that's how we roll.

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Royce said...

It was a great time! The brown rice option has me sold now!