Monday, January 9, 2012


I'm slacking off having a beer and thinking about how I need to be upstairs, now that the girls are asleep, folding laundry and trying to take down that mountain. Six or so outfits a day that end up in a dirty bin thanks to the girls obsession with changing clothes multiple times a day makes for an overwhelming amount of laundry at the end of every week!

Royce and I are trying to come up with a plan for the big move and we've been looking around the house at all of the furniture we've accumulated over the past 11 years! When we bought this house it was just the two of us and we hardly furnished half of it. Add two bambino's and we're positively busting out at the seems! We've been doing a great deal of purging and no longer have any baby stuff left but even after a couple truck loads to Good Will it doesn't seem to have made a dent in our stash!

I'm overwhelmed at what needs to get done. My plan is to start tomorrow, one single box at a time. We have a month and a half (OMG A MONTH AND A HALF!!!) to get it done. It's challenging for me just to keep the house clean with the girls into EVERYTHING so I'm hoping by some greater force I can work at packing up while keeping my sanity about letting other things slide.

I need some serious positive vibes, good thoughts and prayers (whatever you fancy) to get this done. Please keep us in your thoughts for a smooth transition. The girls are tentatively excited about it but change can be hard for anyone and we want them excited and cooperative when it comes to packing up and moving on.

Cheers to new walls, new soil and new memories!

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Royce said...

The box train is rolling! The last line is magic!