Tuesday, January 17, 2012

simple pleasures....

because each of you is SO special! Nothing makes my heart smile more than when you get overjoyed with simple pleasures!

I love you Rasa!
I love you Adia!

Adia was sick yesterday. She just had a high temp and was worn out and wanted to be next to me at all times. My little baby girl. She wanted Beauty and the Beast SO badly. They saw some of the movie at the clinic last week while in the waiting room. Royce volunteered to run and pick it up last night and when he came home Adia just lit up. She calls it "the princess movie". We watched it for about a half an hour until Adia couldn't keep her eyes open. I picked her up and rocked her in the rocking chair in her and Rasa's bedroom until her fever broke and she went from pipping hot to a puddle of cold sweat. I laid her in her bed and she stirred a little so I pulled up the foot rest next to her bed and sat on it until she was sleeping.

This morning we went on an art supply run and stopped at the grocery store so I could pick up a few things to make cupcakes to surprise them when they woke up from their nap :)

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Royce said...

They turned out great!!!