Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy Birthday to me!

Three years ago I spent my birthday in the hospital after having the girls. I went up to the nicu to breastfeed them and went back down to my room to rest. When I got there I saw a balloon and a card on my bed. The card said, "Happy Birthday, we love you! Love, Royce, Rasa & Adia". It hit me after reading it that we had made a family and I was about to get three times the love.

I love my family. Happy Birthday to me!

My girls hanging with me on my bday :)

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Royce said...

WE love you sooo very much Lissa! Happy Birthday babe! You are our foundation for everything we know. You will never fully know what you mean to each of us. Best wife and mother ever to walk the earth. YOU are SO loved. Thank you for everything.

Royce, Adia and Rasa