Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bath Night

Usually those two words are enough to fill me with dread but bath night is starting to become the highlight of my week. Yes I said week, don't judge, we still give the girls a weekly bath. I used to bathe them everyday when they were newborns because they would drool or get messy eating and their neck wrinkles would get nasty. Now we're back to doing a bath every 5 days which, by the way, is the recommendation for babies so hmm.

Bath night started in a plastic tub basin and moved to the kitchen sink and now, thanks to Rasa's splashing and almost flooding of our kitchen, has moved to the big tub. Not to get off track here but I just had the visual of the girls first baths we gave them when they were in Special Care. Adia loved it - her eyes nearly popped out of her head when Royce lowered her into the water. Rasa arched her back in horror and her tiny slippery body almost flopped right out of Royce's hands! Fast forward to now - things have changed some. Adia is a maniac in the tub! She stands, she crawls she dives under the water! She never stops swimming. Rasa developed a love of the water despite her rocky introduction. She splashes and kicks and gets anyone her in path drenched but likes to stay in the same spot and concentrate on getting all of the toys into the floating boat. If you take one out, she puts it back in. She's a very detailed and organized girl, even in the tub. Talk about the ying and the yang!

I used to hate bath night because it's a mess, takes forever and adds another hour to our already hectic good night routine. The worst part used to be that Rasa didn't like getting out of the water so she would scream bloody murder the entire time you put lotion on her, got her diapered and dressed and combed and conditioned her hair which, if you're fast, takes about fifteen minutes. Last night was different. We put both girls in the tub together, much to their delight! Adia was already in and when Royce put Rasa in both girls faces light up, all smiles, and they started splashing each other right away. We've learned that if we use a big towel and hold Rasa for a while after the bath she doesn't scream the entire time you're putting lotion on her. Royce got her ready for bed while I chased Adia around the loft trying to get a diaper on her.

I love this stage that the girls are in right now. It's a blast! We have so much fun as a family on a daily basis. Royce and I love music and we'll play our favorite songs and dance and be silly and the girls laugh and dance along with us (literally). We all have fun doing whatever we're doing. We all belong together, we all fit together perfectly and we all love being a part of this family. What a marvelous blessing.


royce said...

It was such a blast!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Another tear jerker, LOL, heart warming blog. Thanks Lis. You light up my day.

Lori said...

Adorable!! From a momma with hairy babes I did have to chuckle at the comb & condition comment... that can't take too much time! ;)