Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rasa B B B....

as we call her, sometimes just bbb (like baby Bea). She's brightening my world every minute. Brimming with energy and joy and laughter! We played in the tub for about an hour last night while Royce and Adia napped. She was in heaven splashing and banging toys around. She has always LOVED the water. I remembered how much fun I had when I was little pretending the tub was my swimming pool. I loved water too. Watching Rasa made me excited for her because soon enough her little head will be full of imagination. Remember imagination? Where any and all things are possible and anything you can think up can be real in your exciting world!

She's asleep on my lap right now and thinking of her sweet smiling face made me want to bubble over so I decided to write this....and smile.