Monday, April 5, 2010

The art of feeding part two

About a month ago our hungry tots decided they weren't so hungry anymore and our three solid meals and two snacks that we had grown accustomed to feeding were no more. Now the girls usually eat a bite or two here and there and then one "bigger" meal a day. I say "bigger" because it usually consists of a couple handfuls of food instead of a couple bites. The bigger meal changes from day to day so I never know what to cook or when and what they'll eat that day. We eat dinner as a family at the table together, with the girls high chairs pulled up next to us. Everyone eats the same thing and on a normal day the girls will eat a bite and then start tossing their food to the dogs. They get squirmy easily having to sit and wait until we're all done and our attempts to entertain them usually fail so Royce and I end up shoveling in what we can so we can clean them up and let them loose.

Last week the girls were in their chairs and started reaching for our forks. Royce handed them each one and to our delight they started feeding themselves. Bite after bite I almost worried I was going to need to take the food away. My little cave-babies are now real utensil using people!

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