Friday, April 9, 2010

New Growth - 15 months

The girls had their 15 month wellness checks yesterday at their clinic. We bring them to a Pediatric clinic so it's filled with bright colors, huge fish aquariums, books, little chairs and even a tunnel. When we brought the girls in they made themselves at home in the waiting room. Rasa was tearing around excited about the stars printed on the carpet. They just got the concept that stars and the moon are in the sky so when you ask where the stars are they point to the sky. Imagine Rasa's delight and confusion when we saw all of the stars on the carpet! Adia loves sitting on chairs and scooting to the edge until her little legs dangle down and she can kick her feet. She had to try out several different ones to find just the right fit.

Once in the room the girls looked through a pile of books and then got bored. They climbed on and off the little chairs, pulled, banged and pounded on the locked cabinets and hid little bunny crackers in every nook and cranny (if they didn't have mice before they surely will now). After they tired of all of that they resorted to screaming together experimenting with the different noises they could make when their voices bounced off the walls of the tiny room. Four people in an exam room is a bit much! I'm sure the best part for them was that they were able to run around in just their diapers. They love taking their clothes off and slapping their bellies and come up to me several times daily trying to pull off their shirts. I wish I loved my belly as much as they do!

Really the only ugly moments were the weight checks (don't ask my why but my kids are terrified of that little chair scale!) and when Rasa was getting her finger pricked Royce brought Adia out of the room. Rasa was SCREAMING "SISSY! SIIIIIISSSSSY!!!!" reaching for the door. Ten seconds later when he came back with Adia she calmed down. Adia cried for a second with her finger prick but I was able to distract her with a book and animal noises (I'm convinced the nurses talked about how crazy I was when we left).

Adia is in the 50% for height so she's up a little from the last time. She's between the 15th and 20 percentile for weight. Rasa is in the 75% for height (1/2 inch taller than Adia) and in the 40th percentile for weight. Neither girl gained ANY weight from their 12 month to 15 month check up. I don't wonder why, they never eat more than a few bites. It's a battle most Mom's of toddlers deal with. I still refuse to fill them up with over processed high fat high salt and sugar foods. We have to recheck their weight in 6 weeks because technically they should have gained something.

The girls are both ahead developmentally and have hit all of the markers that normal 18 month olds have. They are bright and healthy and that makes us very happy. All of the sudden we have two little people running around our house. I find that I'm really excited each morning with the anticipation of the new day. I'm enjoying the girls immensely. It is so rewarding to teach the girls and see them recall and remember things and also to watch their personalities flourish.

Right now as I look out my window and see the beautiful green buds on my tree growing bigger each day just about to bust open and reveal the most lovely and fragrant flowers, I find it a very fitting metaphor for my own little buds.

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