Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Mothers Day!

In honor of my special day,
I'm thinking about you and how overjoyed I am to be dedicated to you.

I've learned so very much from you.

Adia you've reminded me to take absolute delight in the moment. To get excited and scream for joy! To share in my accomplishments and always express my happiness. To shoot for the stars and when I fall to brush myself off and try again with even more gusto and determination! To spin, dance and feel the music in my soul.

Rasa you've taught me to touch, feel and hold on tight. The ability to be so connected and yet so independent. The balance between, love, affection, fun and stillness. To dance, even if I don't know how or even if no one is looking. You've challenged me in ways I've never been challenged and I'm such a better person because of you.

Be faster than me, smarter than me, more unique than I am and have more fun than I did! Be kind. Share. Be still. Be thankful. Most importantly remember that you are loved more than words can describe, more than your heart can handle and more than you will ever know.

The only thing I'll ever want for Mothers Day is you.


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