Friday, May 14, 2010

The Sweet Things....

We're extremely happy and blessed to live very close to Nana and Papa (my parents). The girls have a close relationship with them and I love that Rasa and Adia get to be surrounded by people who love them on a regular basis. The girls are always over the moon when they see them and even though it's almost everyday it's like it's been weeks or months even! My Dad's been over all week because of the remodel I've been talking about (thanks Dad!). The girls have been distracting him while he's been working so hard to get things done for us.

Yesterday Papa was here all morning and then took a lunch break and had to come back. When he did he walked through the door smiling and held up a small white bakery sack saying, "I couldn't resist". Inside were two little cupcakes, decorated to the hilt. A special treat for his little sweeties.

To say they enjoyed them is an understatement!

Thank you Papa!

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Anonymous said...

LOL adorable!!