Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hats off to Rasa Bea

My little sweetie has had an infatuation with hats since last fall. You probably remember seeing the pictures posted here. She wore her winter hats around the house all winter long and I finally hid them away as the weather got warmer this spring. Now I'm all for independent style but this morning Rasa came running out of the bedroom with her dress on, a plush block used as a bracelet, one of my t-shirts draped around her neck and a fishing hat from last summer that's about five sizes too small plopped on the top of her head. How's that for fashionista!

Nana picked up the girls a couple of baseball hats while up north last week and delivered them last night. Rasa is in her glory again! Adia loves hers as well but doesn't have the attachment to it like Rasa does. Adia's has an owl on it so her excitement is in holding the hat and signing bird while she looks at it and smiles. Not Rasa Bea, she wants to wear her hat..everywhere we go! Rasa also has a love of apples as you can see.

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Royce said...

Love those hats! Thanks Nana!