Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's potty time!

Both girls have been telling me when they have to poop so I had been thinking I should just pick up a couple potty chairs. I read the list that supposedly tells you if your toddler is ready to train and both girls met every one of the marks. Tonight I ran out and bought two potty chairs just before bed so when the girls had their naked run around and screams time (is that a normal thing in a toddler home??) they could see if they liked their potty chairs. I had to pay twice as much for a potty chair to NOT make noise, light up or further annoy me, seriously!

Adia didn't have to go but still liked sitting on it pretending (or trying) to poop.

Rasa went potty on the potty! Shake it around and do the potty dance yay!!!! She was oh so proud smiling and saying "i went potty on da potty!"

To be very honest I don't wanna potty train yet. All of the inconvenience involved with making sure you're close to a bathroom everywhere you go for the next 8 months and having to worry about accidents with not one but two tiny tots! HARD! At the same time it doesn't matter what I want when they are ready it's time to surrender to the fact that when things get comfortable, it's time to change.


Lord help us all.

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