Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Shoe shopping & Happy Autumn!

We woke up late Wednesday and ate breakfast slowly. I could smell fall in the cold breeze that was sneaking in through a window we had open just a tiny bit. The girls in their fleece footsie pajamas made it look like fall too.

My Mom, the Girls and I drove to a shoe boutique in Uptown Wednesday morning to get Rasa fitted for comfy new shoes. Shoes you find in the superstores and mass retailers don't fit her feet right and she'd been complaining that her toes hurt. It was a blast and an adventure as you can imagine with two tiny toddlers in a jam packed shoe store! We pretty much just let them rip and they had a glorious time. Other little toddlers were in and out and they all seemed to make friends with each other over their excitement of new shoes and promises that they'd run faster or jump higher. The store was in an old house and was packed full of trendy name brands I thought only came in adult sizes. Right away Rasa grabs onto a pair of shiny black Ralph Lauren mary janes and clutches them tightly. I was worried - they didn't look super comfy and not exactly what I had in mind! The store owner managed to trade her for a bright orange balloon (smart guy) and we successfully got her sized (after a few tears - sizing must have reminded her of getting measured at the clinic and only BAD BAD things go on at the clinic!). We picked up a couple of pairs of darling, super comfy shoes and let her wear a pair out. She was so excited she couldn't stop smiling and ran down the sidewalk stopping every so often to look down at them in amazement. After shoe shopping we stopped at my favorite co-op and picked up lunch and goodies. The four of us really know how to have a good time!

I'm so thankful to be home with my darlings each day and that my Mom and I are so close. The girls love her so much that even though they see her easily four times a week they dance and shriek and are beside themselves with excitement the second she comes in sight. It's a blessing for me to see her love for them in everything she does and I know how profoundly special it is to be loved by these two little girls so the exchange is something you almost have to witness for yourself.

Wednesday was the Autumn Equinox which means we had equal parts day and night. Had it not been raining and overcast we would have been able to see the super harvest moon, orange and glowing and amazing. The girls delight in the moon and I can only imagine the wonder in their faces if they'd seen it. They simply love the moon.

We went for a family walk and both Adia and Rasa made it half way around the block which is the current record (before asking to be carried). It was a nice night regardless of the clouds and sprinkles. We kept things low key after all of the excitement of the day with Nana and did our normal good night routine: snacks & books, then cuddles or rocking until they're ready to sleep.

I've sort of made it a tradition to pause and be mindful as the seasons change. The changes in each of us in my family seem to move seamlessly with the seasons. As always I am filled with excitement as I anticipate the new season and the changes I'll witness in Rasa and Adia each day. I am blessed that we shared such a beautiful summer full of adventure, fun and closeness. I'm thankful with how fulfilled I am and the things I've learned about myself by parenting my daughters. My life has never felt so full and I'll gladly take every frustrated cry or tantrum because they don't begin to touch the wonder that my heart feels with each smile, hug or beautiful expression that they make. We are so completely in love with our little girls.

I pray that with this new season comes new experiences, new relationships, growth for us all and pure joy in the simplest little things.

Happy Autumn to you and your families!

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Anonymous said...

It's true! The blessings from being close to you and the girls are indescribable!