Sunday, December 12, 2010

The art of pooping

I have never talked so much about poop in my life since I brought the potty chairs home. The girls sit on them every ten minutes and tell me "I'm pooping on the potty". They're not. Lately Adia's taken to stuffing things in the potty bowl and telling me she's pooping on it while her and Rasa laugh hysterically. "Momma I'm pooping on Big Bird!" Adia screams. "Hahahahahahahah I'm pooping on Monkey!!" Rasa replies. Last week one of them dumped a bowl of crackers in the potty and sat on it and when I walked in Adia jumped up and said "LOOK! I pooped on the potty!!" It's a taunt. They will sit in their diapers on the potty and poop but when the diaper comes off they don't want to sit on the potty. I'm not pushing the potty training because to be honest I'm lazy and I think diapers are easy and convenient. I'm no longer embarrassed to admit that I love to take the easy way out when it comes to this kind of thing and while it usually back fires at some point I just surrender to the process so it works itself out.

Adia was playing with Monkey (a Curious George doll) and she was pointing to his body parts naming everything out loud. She flipped him over and said "back" while pointing to his back and then she points to his butt and says "butt! monkey tooting!!" Rasa walks over, sticks her nose on Monkey's butt and while laughing says "PEE EWW Monkey tooting!!" Of course the two of them think it's so funny they giggle and carry on for five more minutes about monkey farts.

In the tub last night Adia grabs one of her animal squirters and holds it up against her butt. "I'm pooping sheep!!". Rasa grabs the monkey and shrieks "I'm a pooping monkey!!!!" which is all followed by roars of laughter. I'm getting the overwhelming feeling that the might have their Dad's sense of humor. They laugh when they toot now and insist on telling me every time they toot so they can laugh about it. I'm not a fart joke kind of girl. I don't like poop and farts. It's all very icky to me. The girls don't seem to be deterred by the look of disapproval I give them when they're pooping sheep and monkeys or when they're laughing at themselves tooting.

This is only beginning.

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