Sunday, December 12, 2010

dumb dog!

This morning Rasa was trying to put a watch around Adia's ankle. Adia didn't want the watch around her ankle so she tried to get away while yelling at Ra. Rasa gave up but not without a fight and ended up yelling to Adia "Go away dumb dog!". Yikes. Where has she ever heard that before??? I'm pleading the fifth.....ok well it's winter and yes I admit to getting frustrated with our dumb dogs...I mean our dogs because when I let them out they poke around trying to find the perfect place to go to the bathroom while I fight off frost bite. Clearly the girls are always listening.

I told Rasa she needed to apologize because it's not ok to call Sissy a dumb dog when in fact she is neither dumb or a dog. Rasa's first reaction was to say "NO!" while running away (she might have a little of that Gordon girl feistiness in her) but then I reminded her she loves Sissy and doesn't want Sissy to be sad. Rasa then walked up to Adia and said "love you Sissy" while signing and saying "Sorry".

Lovers = 1
Haters = 0

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Anonymous said...

For some reason, I'm sitting here crying. Seriously, I have sniffles and tears.