Sunday, December 12, 2010

"Go away icky mouse!!!!!!"

I've got to give you a little background into my severe little critter fobia. Wild animals are not afraid of me. They love me. I have had squirrels in Loring Park try to run up my leg. I've had a chipmunk stalk me to the point where I couldn't get from my front door to my car parked on the driveway. That chipmunk stalked me for a week!!! Royce would walk out of the house and he would be no where to be found but the second I took one step out the front door -BOOM! there he was running at me!!!!!! No I do not feed the animals. My first visit to my parents cabin I asked if there were any type of small rodents ever to be seen at or near the cabin and my parents swore up and down they had never seen anything of the sort. I drive five hours up north and just as we turn into the long drive up to the cabin a big fat mouse darts out in front of the truck! They hear of my visit and they spread the word....Misses Dolittle is coming! Misses Dolittle is coming!

What does this all have to do with anything you ask yourself. I'll tell you.

I brought the girls to Eagle's Nest indoor playground on Friday after visiting Royce and some friends at McAfee. We go in, play, have a good time and then we leave. I scored the first parking spot next to the doors so we're only about ten feet from the entrance. As we're walking out I get the girls two feet from my car and I see a fat, furry, nasty little shrew hanging out right next to my car, like right next to my car!!!!! I of course scream and stomp my feet, scaring the life out of my little girls but not having any affect whatsoever on this dirty rodent that is not afraid of people! The shrew is erratic running in circles with it's nasty skin face and eyes closed darting at us over and over! It takes every ounce of courage that exists in me but I push Rasa in between me and the shrew and toss Adia in the backseat of the car (all while screaming and starting to not Adia). Rasa is dancing up and down as this freak of nature runs up to our feet circling around over and over! I'm pretty sure it touched my shoe. She screams in the most assertive voice I have ever heard come out of such a tiny body "GO AWAY ICKY MOUSE!!!!!" He doesn't listen! I grab Rasa, run around to the other side of my car, throw her in and hop in on the passenger side slamming the door. I crawl into the back seat, strap the girls into their car seats - stop crying - shake out the heebie geebies and peel out of there praying I will run that son of a b&*% over! I look over as I back away and that freakin shrew is following my car as I drive away!!!!! OMG! The only thing that I can wonder is did that thing have babies that are somehow attached to the underneath of my car and somehow they will mature lightening fast and chew their way through the floor of my car and get up in here while we drive home?! Well that didn't happen thank God but I was legitimately worried about it.

On the way home the girls were screaming "SO GROSS" and "EWWW ICKY MOUSE"!

How will we ever recover from that?!


Royce said...

HAHAHA! Just as good in text!

Anonymous said...

I'm laughing so hard right now!! I can verify all's said is true! And might I add, Lissa's had a squirrel climb up and scratch at her front window!

Anonymous said...

Oh - and the cabin mouse story? I swear to god that was the one and ONLY mouse we saw that entire year! What are the chances!?