Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Spring!!!!

It's arrived! The first day of spring is finally here and while we love every season the season of new life and new beginnings always seems to be earned after surviving these cold Minnesota winters. This year was especially brutal! My excitement about the warm sun, longer days, green grass, new buds on the trees and planning out this years vegetable garden is nearly overwhelming me! The days of running free outside all day long with no regard for a clock or the time are drawing near and we enjoy those days tremendously. Our daily rhythm changes in the summer to allow for the girls to have longer days and to be able to enjoy more time outside after our family dinner. This season we will plant, cultivate and grow together and we will continue to put our priority on playing and exploring, learning by doing, which will happen organically, as it should.

Happy Spring to you and your families. I wish for you the pleasure of the warmer sun on your face, the comfort that new life will grow and bloom as it always does and most importantly I wish you peace, gratitude and hope for tomorrow.

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