Thursday, July 14, 2011

Clearly we are moving in the wrong direction

Wheeling the girls out of Cub today in the ginormous double cart/race car contraption across the crosswalk this PSYCHO (aka old lady) whips around the corner and straight towards us with her (real) car! I yell out something about it being a cross walk and for her to watch her back (kidding) and she waves and speeds off. I thought old ladies were supposed to be slow?! I'm pretty sure she was white knuckled.

Rasa's starring at me all concerned and she says, "Who was that Mama?"

I reply, "That was a STUPID lady".

Literally one millisecond after I uttered those words I thought, hmmm that is not the message I want to teach my girls.

I try to back peddle and quickly say, "Well, she almost hit us!"

Rasa nodding her head says, "YEAH! DUMB BITCH!" with an expression on her face like she's ready to thrown down.


Note to self: Work on my white trash angry sailor words.