Thursday, July 14, 2011

Kinda like a duck

We went to Como Zoo on the Saturday before 4th of July. The plan was to do the splash park at Como Town and then just check out a few animals since it was such a hot morning. We got there early and were standing waiting for the doors to open. The girls were getting restless so I suggested taking them for a quick walk around the pond before we went inside. We get down to the pond and there were two different families of ducks swimming. Both had the Momma, Papa and a few adorable little ducklings. The girls were elated! The babies kept sticking their heads under the water and there fluffy little butts up in the air!

Last week we were outside in the wading pool and Adia bent over and stuck her head under the water (complete with butt in the air). She popped up and said "Look Mama, I'm kinda like a duck! I'm kinda like a baby duck!"

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Royce said...

"kinda like" !!!!!