Friday, July 15, 2011

Dance like nobody's watching!

Last night it was almost an hour past bedtime, the girls were wired and Royce was tired and sick of waiting for me to help him. I wasn't helping at all. I was feeling a too wiggly and silly due to the full day of being inside (rain, rain and more rain). After a while I finally coaxed the girls to shuffle into the bathroom so Royce could brush their teeth and on my phone I looked up my new favorite song and I danced. I couldn't stop dancing! I danced in the bathroom (Royce was rolling his eyes but he's used to it), I danced down the hallway and I danced in the middle of the playroom floor. Rasa came running out of the bathroom first and joined me, watching my every move and following. Adia skipped out after a few minutes and joined us with extreme enthusiasm and excitement.

Three girls, arms in the air, smiling and laughing as we danced. It was pure silliness, pure stress relief and pure joy! I highly recommend it.

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