Friday, August 5, 2011


The girls are baby obsessed and so once in a while they will ask if we can look at pictures of babies on the internet. I type "babies" in google and bring up thousands of pictures while they "ooh so cute" and "look at this baby!" (cheap entertainment). So last week when I did just that a picture popped up of a baby in the hospital with very red and very swollen testicles. I tried to scroll past that one fast because the girls ask WAY too many questions about everything but Adia saw it and demanded I show her the picture of the baby with "apples". I tried distracting her but with a meltdown already in process I gave in and said fine (total sucker!)! She called Rasa over to see it and the two of them were obsessing about the babies "apples"! Rasa asked why the babies apples were "coming out of his butt". She wouldn't let up about it so I said "those are not apples, they are called testicles". They were totally happy with my answer and we moved on with me thinking we would not have to cover testicles again until like what, 4th grade?

Fast forward a few hours later to my family at the dinner table and I was laughing telling Royce about the baby with (according to the girls) apples coming out of his butt. Rasa looked up at me with a very serious face and said "those were not apples!! Those were popsicles!"


Gramma Carol said...

Ohhhh MG! LOL!!! Had to read that one out loud to Papa.

Royce said...