Monday, August 22, 2011

Its Official! We're Moving!

I have a smorgasbord of feelings about it: sheer excitement, sheer panic, anxiety and joy! I wonder the most how the girls will adjust. Where will we walk, play, visit with neighbors, find our place in a new community, buy groceries?! We are looking in a few different areas that stretch across the entire metro. We want to be closer to the city but the idea of being even further away is something we're not excluding right now. Room to run, explore and look at the stars are just as appealing as being in the city with all of the resources and culture. It's going to be a tough decision but we will figure it out in the next couple months. I believe we will be here until later this winter, early spring at the latest.

So my question is this.....How in the world do you pack up a home filled to the top with "stuff" and sort out what you have to keep and what you should really get rid of?! Insert [OVERWHELMED] here!

We are in for some tough work!

Please keep my family in your prayers or wishes that we will feel guided by the process and have peace with the area, house and community we decide on.

I'm sure you'll be reading much more on the topic as the months pass!


Royce said...

We CAN do it! =)

Gramma Carol said...

You can count on us to pray, Lis! Putting my sad feelings aside :( I'm excited you will be moving on to, praying for, bigger and better things for you very much loved family.