Sunday, January 30, 2011

Just cuz I feel like ramblin' a little....

It's cold outside right now at 18 degrees but the snow is falling and there is this quiet stillness. I love it when we get new snow because it seems to suck up all of the noise around and even though we're next to a busy highway you can't hear any of it out the front door. It's a strange cold peace.

My little loves are sweetly dreaming away right now. I gave them a bath before bed and they're soft as silk with big bouncy curls resting on the softest organic bedsheets. It all fits them so perfectly. My tiny dancer has a fever but she's a strong little one and never lets such petty things get to her or slow her down. I'll peek in on her in an hour and see how she's fairing.

They are so interested in looking at their own baby pictures lately. I have a good hundred of them in a big huge photobook and they just page through it over and over and over and over again. I'm talking hours a day. We hear "Adia and Rasa! Adia and Rasa! Look Papa, look at baby Adia! Look Papa, look it's ME!" all while pointing at each baby completely engrossed in each photo. Talk about simple entertainment!

They also love ballerinas. My dearest friend Mary came over just before Christmas and brought the girls a goodie bag. In it were some wonderful books and a metal tin that held two magnetic ballerinas and a slew of magnetic tutus and dance clothes that you can layer on (she was, well still is, a dancer). The girls love to take them out and stick them to their locker and dress them up. Rasa is so creative putting skirts upside down to form funky hats and turning tutu's into funky tops. Each time she screams, "Look at her Momma, Look!!". Rasa's ballerina could put Lady Gaga to shame. Adia loves to slide all of the pieces of the ballerinas inside the locker through the vents in the door and then look and me and ask "where'd they go?!" while holding her arms up trying not to crack a smile all the while hoping I really don't know because she certainly does. When she does keep the pieces where they should be she has fun taking everything out and putting everything away. She enjoys cleaning up and I simply LOVE that about her!

They are typical in that they want to color all day long and play with play-doh. All of our walls are covered. Part of me cringes when I hear myself telling them to keep the colors on the paper. It's so opposite of what is natural. The wonderful beauty of washable crayons is that as long as the wall is painted and not just primer (I learned the hard way) a wet rag will wipe it perfectly clean.

Music Together has been so good for them. They dance, they play instruments, they see a circle of grown ups with kids singing, dancing, connecting and having fun. It's been amazing for me too and I have wonderful friends I look forward to seeing each week. I love hearing the girls sing the songs all week long and when I sing them as we do routine things they get excited and shout out requests and play along. Getting out of the tub, getting dressed, washing hands, eating etc are all fun because we make music while we do it.

I can't help but gush about how much love I feel for them and from them. Adia is busy most of the day but a few times she comes and sits on me and sticks her arm in my sleeve and rubs my arms or my shoulders. Rasa still spends half the day on my lap or hugging me like a koala but she's started to ask, "Kiss Momma's nose? Kiss Momma's eyes?, Kiss Momma?"". What sweet loves. Adia loves to be tickled to the point of out of control laughter and she comes up to me and asks me to do it. It makes me laugh uncontrollably too! Royce and I started rubbing lotion on the girls feet and giving them foot massages last winter and part of our wind down and good night routine. Now Adia grabs the lotion herself off the bathroom counter whenever she wants a foot rub and she LOVES them.

It's true that every single day is something new. It's a new idea or a new concept. It's always changing, challenging and special. Believe me, I have days and moments in nearly everyday were I'm driven to the point of insanity, I mean come on, I have TWO, TWO year olds. It's hard, it's even impossible at times but I get over it quickly and we all work it out. Lets just say I practice a lot of deep with peace, out with frustration has been a nice retreat lately.

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