Monday, January 24, 2011

Proof they really do listen!

We have a large picture book that has 100 different photos of animals, everyday objects, babies, cars, trucks etc. It was something the girls enjoyed looking through when they were first learning words. I've kept it around because it's been a useful tool with sign language as well. Today Rasa and Adia were reading together and they had this book out. Rasa always likes to play the role as the grown up or teacher to Adia. Sometimes she wraps Adia up in a blanket and calls her a baby! Not just a baby but her baby.

While they were paging through this book nne of their conversations went like this:

Rasa: "What's this Sissy?" pointing to a photo of an owl.
Adia: "It's a owl!"
Rasa: "Owl! That's right Sissy!"

I had to laugh because that's exactly how I talk to them. It's a technique that I learned when they were little to help them develop speech. When you point to something and they say what it is you reinforce it by repeating it so they hear it again. I forgot all about it but clearly it's been embedded in my everyday speech and, well, now they're teaching each other with the same technique!

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