Thursday, November 10, 2011

my little party girl

So yesterday morning Adia woke up with a big bloated belly. She literally looked like she swallowed a cantaloupe whole. She is a tough kid and never cries after she falls or hits her head or actually really gets hurt. She was crying. She was screaming and didn't want to be touched. I called the clinic and couldn't get in with her regular physician so we made an appointment, got ready and left. Once in the lobby Adia's Pediatrician walked through, waved and asked if we were seeing him. I said "I wish! but we couldn't get in", and thankfully he told the receptionist he wanted to see Adia (seriously love this guy). Right away he said her bladder was distended meaning it was filled with urine but couldn't come out. He was guessing it was due to constipation, which an xray proved it was. They put a catheter in and Adia didn't even flinch for a second (told ya she was tough). Later had to do an enema and sent us home. Adia whispered "Mommy I don't have a tummy ache anymore" and then crashed out in my arms.

After we got home she slept for a little while and then woke up vomiting. Over. And Over. And Over. I should mention my good friend, Amy was over and probably traumatized at the sight of projectile vomit flying across the room. She was sweet, cleaning up and helping us out. Amy, I owe you a beer, girl!

Fast forward a few hours and there's Adia, Me and My Mom (thanks Mom!!) are sitting in a little ER room at Children's Hospital. They gave Adia some anti-nausia medication and did another x-ray.

She perked up quickly after the meds and by 11pm was literally dancing in circles in her room, slam dunking kleenex into the garbage can and giggling none stop. Yep that's my Adia!

On the way home we stopped so Adia could get a sandwich, after not eating anything all day she was hungry finally at midnight as we were leaving. When we got home she was excited to tell her Daddy all about the starts on the ceiling at Children's and how they changed from green to blue to yellow and PINK! "I love pink!!". Adia and I snuggled in at 1 am, turned on a movie and feel asleep.

She's my party girl.

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Royce said...

She is our tough cookie! Daddy loves you blondie.