Wednesday, November 2, 2011

So similar yet so different

When the girls were newborns they had to stay in separate isolettes next to each other at different nurses stations. It wasn't until they were six days old that we were able to bundle them up and squish them up close to each other again. They loved it, both seemed unaware of each other but dependent at the same time. The craziest thing was watching them look like they were swimming with their arms and legs and how they would move in complete unison but with the opposite arms and legs. I figured they must have been used to having only one side of the womb that was theirs in utero. In utero their hearts almost always beat in unison and better yet sometimes even in unison with my own heart beat. I always thought that was one of the coolest things I've ever experienced.

Watching them grow and develop has always been interesting when we factor in the twin equation. They are so extremely different yet in their personalities and their looks yet physically seem to do things so much the same. They hold paint brushes and crayons identically. They push their bikes the same way (and in a way no other kid their age does). They sleep in the same position and cuddle the same. They sit in a crowded room and watch the same things, sometimes even turning their heads and eyes at the same moments. They are both observers even though they process the information differently.

I was playing with my camera with a slow shutter and noticed the girls needed to clean up their mess. I told them to put their shoes back in the bin and snapped a few pictures while they were doing it. After I took a look I thought this one was pretty cool seeing them in a millisecond in time both bending at the same moment to pick up in the same position......only opposite.

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Wow! Amazing!