Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Quotes this week from Rasa Bea

"I'm going to have a baby brother. I'm going to call him Number Two"
I swear to God she's never seen Austin Powers!!!

"Adia lets go sit outside on the bench. We're going to wait for my baby brother"
Um I should note that I was home with the girls alone so it's not like she was thinking if she gave Royce and I some time alone.......

Jenn: "Rasa did you draw this picture?"
Rasa: "Yes!"
Jenn: "Is that a lady?"
Rasa: "NO!! It's my momma!" (in a loud and condescending manner!)
Jenn: "Is this you?"
Rasa: "No it's my baby brother! and that's a tiny baby!!" (again in a loud and condescending manner!)
*notice she captured my afro quite well!

This morning Rasa brought me the cap off of a brand new tube of lip gloss. I immediatly get irritated because she's been digging in my purse again and I say, "Go get the rest of this right now!". She says, "I WILL!" and walks away. I reply, "Right now!". She walks back over to me and gives me a teenage attitude and says, "Momma you need to relax!"

I'm dead.


Royce said...

Oh Rasa Bea!!!!

Gramma Carol said...

Um, ya, you're dead! LOL!