Tuesday, February 7, 2012

fun with photo booth and rasa's new hair

Mac's have built in photo booth software that the girls love playing with. It's a low quality built in camera but it's fun to play with, especially when you're a kid. I should add these pics are from 11pm on Saturday night when the girls were on sleep strike.

You might notice Rasa's new hair. Yep I cut it, regret! Her hair was always in her eyes and she doesn't let me put it up or pull it back so I thought bangs might be her deal. You can't tell what a hack job I did in the pics but hopefully it grows back ok! I think I see a trip to the beauty parlor in her future. Today she was holding her hair and said, "You messed me up with the scissors!". Opps. Adia's hair is so easy to cut because it's crazy curly and I guess since I spent years cutting my own hair it was natural instinct for me....Rasa's hair....not so much. Sorry pumpkin!


Royce said...

You did a fine job momma!

Gramma Carol said...

I love Rasa's bangs! You look adorable, sweetie!