Thursday, February 2, 2012

Yep these are mine....

Ah the beauty of having two three year olds. Warning: ya might want to crank the ol' volume DOWN
This was even after they ate lunch, but I could tell they were tired so I opted to do nap time a little ahead of schedule for obvious reasons........

Sometimes I think I would like a video of an entire "normal" day with the girls so I could play it in fast forward and then it would solidify why I'm exhausted at the end of the day. I can picture up and down the stairs, running to get snacks, toys, searching for the blue marker when no other color will due, mediating 100+ tiffs between the girls, keeping them from climbing onto the kitchen counters, the table, the washer and dryer, closing the refrigerator door fifty times as they leave it open constantly, potty accidents, pull ups, poop, spills, distraction, messes constantly everywhere, reading time, puzzle time, distraction time, quiet time, keeping lucy safe indoors, fielding the "i wants", meltdown mediations, answering the why what and who's, cuddle time, kissing owies, ice packs, water (not this cup, I want the princess cup, I don't like this cup), opps! mommy I broked it's, bundle up and outside times, loading into the car seats and out and back in, quick trips here and there because it can't wait 'till daddy gets home times, clinic times, waiting room times, book club times, play dates, grandparents visit times, bath times, flooded bathroom times, adia plugged up the toilet with five rolls of toilet paper times, flooded kitchen times, trying to make lunch while doing all of the above times, trying to make dinner while doing all of the above times.

I'll keep adding as I remember but this is sacred time.......nap time, peace for Momma time, quiet time....too bad it only lasts an hour.

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Royce said...

Our own little terror squad!