Sunday, February 26, 2012

we're home

Well we had seven guys and three women and the group of us managed to empty out the entire contents of the old house, load it on the moving truck and pull out of the driveway in an hour and a half! Quickest move EVER! Everyone followed the truck to Richfield and unloaded and unpacked and helped us set up the house. Royce and I are completely overwhelmed with gratitude for such an amazing community of friends and family that we have. We are not worthy (but blessed beyond measure)!

Jenn and Melly stopped over with a house warming gift and to visit last night which was very sweet and lovely to see more familiar faces. Jenn chased the girls around the house and got them all tired out :) There's a circle the girls run through the living room, to the hallway, through the kitchen and around the dinning room which brings them back to the living room. They've been doing laps since we got here. The old wood floors creak and it makes the most delicious sound to me. I love, love, love old wood floors!

Rasa and Adia are very comfortable here and were immediately. Lucy is happy and comfy and slept half the night in Rasa's bed tucked under the covers lol! Actually last night was one of two nights that Rasa's ever slept all night in her own bed! They are right across the hall from our room and I'm typing this from my bed at 7:30 am on Sunday morning as the rest of my family still sleeps!

I feel good today and happy. The house was chilly last night as we had to get the heat rolling through it so we slept under a pile of quilts but we slept, and slept well for the first time in a long while.

So come on over! We've love to see you!