Wednesday, February 8, 2012

my sleep terrorists

My friend Lori gave me that term and it fits oh so perfectly with Rasa and Adia. Here they are at 3 with the same sleep problems they've had since we brought them home. Ok some of it's gotten a little better but not by much!

Royce and I readopted a process we tried before for sleep routines....and failed at.....but here we go again. We trap the girls in their rooms with a baby gate (seriously wish I still had the cribs so we could just kennel them in those...I mean keep them in those). We black out the room and turn the white noise on and tell them it's time for sleep. In theory they would settle into their beds, needing few threats, and go to sleep. In REALITY they talk to each other quietly at first, they laugh and talk louder, they get out of bed and hop the baby gate, visit with each other in each others bed, jump on the beds and throw toys at each other until one girl tells the other she's tired and goes to sleep. This process is about two hours at night and over an hour at nap time.

Today however they did all of the above with me going back to tell them in a very firm and serious voice "GO TO SLEEP!" about 20x. Fast forward 30 minutes and I'm on the phone but can still hear them up there moving around. I get off the phone and go up to find that they had trashed the freakin room! Every article of clothing is thrown across the room, some of it in a big heap on the floor and the flippin curtains are down! Neither of them is even in her own bed and one of them crapped her pants. FREAKIN GREAT!

I put a new pull up on one, put them both in their beds and threaten that they will never come out again if they don't go to sleep (why do I bother with empty threats? They know it will never happen but I've got nothing!).

Tonight I'm going to figure out a way to tie them into their beds............there has to be a way......


Gramma Carol said...

LMAO!! Maybe Nana shouldn't say that, but I can't stop laughing!

Dear Lord, I know pay back is a real thing. But Lissa was such a good little girl, we both know she doesn't deserve this! Merciful God, please intervene for her sake! Amen. Oh, and quickly please! Amen.

Royce said...

I'll pickup supplies on the way home babe. ;)

Jenn said...

I'll come snuggle with my lil' buddies!! I don't sleep either. :)

Jamie S. said...

Duck tape? Ha ha