Tuesday, January 22, 2013

cold days, creative play....

It is FREEZING outside (and inside!) this week! We're working with below zero temps and Arctic like windchill's! We are all holed up inside and as tempting as turing the tv on is I like to take advantage of the fact that small kids don't have capacity to get bored. They will find ways to play and have fun.

I've been cooking, doing laundry and washing dishes (anytime my fingers feel cold!) to keep the house warmer. This little old house gets cold and the only way to stay really warm is to dress warm, move a lot and cook as much as possible! Still even cooler inside it's bright and the light floods in giving us the illusion it's a beautiful day out there.

The girls spend hours upon hours in their play kitchen each week. They come up with new ways to play with it everyday and I do enjoy listening in and watching them play. Plus the colors and textures are like eye candy to the photographer in me!

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Royce said...

Our little cookers! Always willing to fix up something and quickly ask how it tastes. I love your detail shots!