Saturday, January 5, 2013

Who I am (according to Mom) Rasa Bea age 4

I decided to start a new tradition each year of blogging who you are to me and what you're into each year.

Rasa Bea

You love babies. Black babies are your favorite toys. I almost never see you without a baby in your arms. You are tender to her and keep her warm, kiss her head and care for her. You hold her hands and make her stand and get excited to push her around in your shopping cart or stroller.

You wake up each morning early and watch Daddy get ready for work. I find out you on the couch after he leaves, sitting in your underwear letting me know Daddy's at work but that he'll be home for supper. You want to snuggle and touch and be touched. You want me to sit next to you. The first thing you put on every morning is a princess dress (usually coupled with plastic disney princess high heels). I tell you that you are so beautiful and you smile and say Yes.

You play well with Adia and you spend a lot of time imitating life; cooking in your kitchen, having tea parties, grocery shopping and being silly. You like Adia to be your puppy and you feed her treats and walk her around the house. You are a proud Momma and a proud puppy owner.

I ask you who your favorite person in the world is and you are too afraid to say anyone but me because you care about feelings. I know, and I'm ok with it, you love your daddy with all of your heart, and you love me too.

You like me to see everything you do. "Hey Momma look at me" as you run across the room and do a spin. "did you see that Momma!!" I see you. I know you can run and dance and jump faster and higher and with more grace than olympic champions. You are and will always be the best to me....even when you aren't your best. And I will always be your biggest fan because underneath it all I know what you're made of and I always will.

You're a little lady,so polite and so caring. You want to please everyone and you liked to be praised. You don't like making mistakes but you need to. It's ok to say the wrong color, or not know how to do things perfectly. Being imperfect is more fun, trust me, I know. It's not ok to not try. If you try and you fail it's ok. Whats' even better is to try and fail and then try again, and again, and again. In the same respect sometimes you will fail and there's nothing you can do about it. No worries, learn to walk away with pride that you gave it everything you could and move on.

I look at you and see a beautiful, sensitive and thoughtful girl who will always do well in her life. You will.

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Carol said...

I'm so proud of you, Lissa. What a wonderful mom you've turned out to be!