Saturday, January 5, 2013

Who I am (according to Mom) Adia Carol age 4

Adia Carol

You love puzzles the best. You can pull a new puzzle out of a box and put it together immediately. You get in a zone and it feeds your brain. It makes me think you are mathematical. You like the idea of baby dolls but you're not really into them. You want me to make them look pretty and then you toss them aside. You've always been into figuring out how things work and how to get into things I'd never think your tiny hands would be able to do! I like that about you because it's different from me.

You sleep in every morning. After you wake up you spend a good half an hour alone in your room and come out with a grand entrance (usually with your hands in your mouth acting cute and shy) with elaborate outfits on. Skirts, leggings, sparkly shirts, socks and shoes, even hair accessories. You love pretty! You like to snuggle when you're tired but otherwise don't like to be stopped from whatever busy work you've gotten yourself into.

You play extremely well with Rasa. You are patient and giving. She bosses you around and you are graceful. She wants your toys and you give them to her. You also get bored easily and like to egg her on. Dangling toys in front of her face and then running off with them. It's not because you are mean. It's because you live for a thrill. I get that, I can even relate to it but be nice to Rasa. She will be a better friend to you throughout your life than any other person in this world.

You care about fairness. When we are with other kids you're always looking out for them too. When you hear a baby cry in a store or a restaurant you shout out that he's hungry or maybe he needs a nap. When you get a treat you expect everyone in the room to get one too. I love this. I think social justice is important too ;)

You are the most fun kid I've ever met in my life. You're hilarious. You make jokes, you jump and laugh, you giggle all day. I have to make myself be silly with you because you NEED it and actually you've taught me something. RELAX! Life is fun. Don't forget it, Momma!

You have a fiery temper like me. You're quick to scream "hey whattya think your doin?!" Sometimes when I worry about this temper I think of a little snot nosed boy on the playground that will likely try to push you around in kindergarten and it relieves me because I know you will kick his little butt and he will learn to respect girls. You go girl!

There is no doubt in my mind you will always know what you want and you will get it. This has been true for you since the day you were born. You give me a run for my money, you're spirited, you're stubborn, you're bossy to me but I respect those things about you too and hopefully, someday soon, I will learn to channel those characteristics in a positive direction. It's ok to be assertive but it's not ok to be aggressive. Respect will always get you further in your quest. Remember that.

Go get 'em Adia! I will always tell you you're my bright star and you'll likely roll your eyes at me but you are. You always will be.

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