Monday, September 28, 2009

Wind wind go away!!

Lucy fetch!

There she goes!

We walk the girls in those front carriers (the kind that strap the baby to the front of your body) every night of the week. We've been doing it since the temps were above 40 degrees this past spring and we've made a lot of friends in the neighborhood we didn't even know were there before. People stop us almost every night to comment on how much the girls have grown or to tell us how they like seeing us walking with them. We have a double stroller that I use when I walk with the girls during the day but I always felt that since they were twins they never get enough holding time so that's why we started walking with them in the carriers. We go about 2 miles a night and the girls LOVE being in them and to look around, sleep or just listen and it gives Royce and I a chance to talk and catch up. It's now becoming quite a sight to see since they're not little babies anymore. It's amazing my back isn't killing me! I don't know what we'll do when there too big for it anymore. I'll miss it terribly.

When it's too cold or wet to walk outside we bring the girls to Target or somewhere indoors to walk. Tonight we needed groceries anyway (having them strapped to you means no fussing in the cart!) so we ended up at Target instead of walking in the 30 mph winds. Before hand I was zoning out on the chair half awake while Royce entertained the girls. Both girls LOVE Lucy as I have said before and Lucy loves playing fetch so it worked out to everyone's benefit. It was happy and relaxing and reminded me a little of what our lives were like before the girls when Royce and I would sit and relax in the living room and just do whatever we felt like; chat or laugh and toss a ball for Lucy. It's neat that now we have these two extra little people in our living room that are a part of it, a part of us.

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