Monday, September 14, 2009

The newborn days were easier

People ask me if now that the girls are getting older are things getting easier and sometimes I don't feel like having to explain so I smile and say yes but really the answer is um no actually. Things were easy when they were newborns. The twins were born six weeks early, spent one week exactly in the Special Care Nursery at Children's (aka Mommy and Daddy boot camp) and when we brought them home all they did was eat and sleep. Now I did have a freak out at 6 weeks that I wasn't going to maintain my milk supply and during a brief mutiny bought a gigantic can of formula (that still sits unopened in my kitchen cupboard) but that was the worst of it as I can recall. My house was clean, my baby books were up to date and I had five to seven hundred pictures of them doing the exact same thing in different outfits everyday. Granted Royce and I were alternating two hour sleeping shifts around the clock but it wasn't all that horrible. Of course when you've only been in sleep deprivation for two weeks or so how bad can it be (coming from a Mom who 8.5 months later still has yet to get more than 4 hours at a time).

Now the girls move, they demand, they have specific wants which are different from each other but at the same time. They fight already and pull toys out of each others hands - one is happy and the other screams. They kick each other in the faces and Adia is constantly trying to roll over Rasa (I do not understand this?!). Rasa grabs Adia's head and licks and bites her. Don't get me wrong it's a riot (and a zoo) over here but it can get exhausting and most days I feel like I'm running around in circles and should be wearing one of those black and white striped shirts with a whistle in my mouth. I do love that feeling you get when you sit down and it feels SO good because you've earned it.

The beauty of them now is watching their love grow for each other. When one is upset the other can calm her with one glance. They love to be close and sleep next to each other. They wake each other up to play and Royce and I will hear giggles on the monitor and know exactly what they're up to. When one is laughing the other delights in her joy. It's something I know only Mom's of twins get to experience so I know I'm blessed and it really is special to see and share in.

Two little babies, four tiny feet, four busy hands, two perfect noses and more hugs kisses than this Momma can count.

Adia shirtless, they were in cute matching dresses for all but 5 minutes before I needed to throw hers in the wash again.

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royce said...

I love you babe. You are an amazing mother.