Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What will I do with this one?

Rasa is normally the "thinker" she studies everything that she touches. She is a good girl! Adia forces me to keep every square inch of my floor spotless because she not only crawls over every inch of it but she tastes it too (I WILL get over my germaphobia). Over the past week Adia's been pushing herself up against the baby gate that keeps the dogs from getting into the living room when I can't supervise every moment of their interaction. Today she made a clean break for the kitchen and did it quietly enough for me to not even hear her. The only reason I knew she was in there is because I heard Lucy's kennel door clasp clanking! I was less than five feet away from her playing with Rasa. How will I keep this one contained?!

Something's ajar!

Oh my...

The motive!

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royce said...

Holy Moly! Adia is amazing!