Thursday, March 18, 2010

Going Green

The girls and I woke up a little late today. I knew the weather was supposed to be beautiful outside so I decided to try and put them down for their first naps a little early to get a head start on lunch. We've run into the toddler feeding "issues" already and suddenly the meals that used to end with empty plates or bowls now consist of a bite or two if we're lucky. One of Adia and Rasa's old favorites was avocado and banana "pudding" when they were spoon fed. Since the past two days they've refused lunch I thought maybe this old standby might just work to tantalize their appetites. We haven't had it for a while and my avocado's were ripe so I decided to offer it to them with some crackers to dip. All that's in the "pudding" is a very ripe banana (they're much sweeter that way) and a nice ripe avocado, throw it into your food processor and tada it's light green pudding. Don't stick your nose up, it's wonderful! It's sweet, creamy and loaded with awesome fats and potassium. Plus babies love the stuff (and so do grownups!).

I don't know how much the girls actually ate but by the time lunch was over the girls, the highchairs, the floor and Lucy were all covered in it. My plan to hurry up so we could spend more time outside backfired as baths were now an order! Back to finger foods.

We gave up on bibs a very long time ago. It's much more fun to eat in the buff anyway. How else can you paint your body with sauce, cheese, hummus and pudding?!

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Lori said...

So cute Lissa!!! And, now I totally know what Camryn is having for lunch tomorrow!!!